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Top 6 Exact Friend Zone Signs

Have you been dating a girl for a few months now, but your relationship has not come to a standstill? You present her flowers, small gifts, take her to restaurants. She accepts it but doesn’t take any action to get closer to you? Well, man, it’s likely that you are in a friend zone.

You’re wasting your time; it’s time to end it now. You will never be together.

If you figure out a few important things, it would be easier for you to get out. Let’s start with the signs – or rather alarms – that give you a hint that you’ve been friendzoned.

How to Know If You Are In the Friend Zone?

1. She loves you, but differently.

Um, yeah it happens. Each girl has a million varieties of that same love. She tells you what a beautiful guy you are and that you have a special place in her life. If a girl adds to each of her confessions of love some conventionality, such as “I love you very much as a man or as a brother”. She clarifies that nothing shines for you, doesn’t see a man in you and doesn’t have a sexual attraction. She just likes to spend time with you sometimes. It’s not a joke.

2. She is not ready for a serious relationship.

The girl keeps telling herself (and you too!) how good she is to be alone. How much she values ​​her freedom and is not ready yet to let anyone into her life. Don’t hope that you will change something by your caresses. It only means that the girl is not ready for a relationship with you. So this scheme is very simple. The girl tells you she isn’t ready for a serious relationship; you wish her luck and disappear from her life. That’s all.

3. She tells you about other men.

Talk about courtship, dating, and emotions? It is then obvious that she views you as a friend. If these stories happen regularly, and she sees nothing in it – guy, she considers you one of her “girlfriends”. This is such a delicate form of friend zone, where she tries to show you are not interested in her. I know that feel bro, and it’s so hard to stand hearing ‘He’s an idiot!’’ and waiting, waiting, waiting…for nothing.

4. She avoids physical intimacy.

I’m not telling you about the first date when a girl can be shy. But if you see each other for a long time, and the rapprochement never happens, it’s a sure sign that you don’t need it. Don’t fool yourself and try to justify the girl in everything. It may be difficult for the first time, but over time you will be glad to have crossed it out of your life. After all, you might not look like a guy to sleep with on the first date!

5. She almost never calls you.

You call her with offers to go somewhere or spend the weekend together. You might think it’s just a tactic or a game. But if the girl is interested in you, she will want to talk to you. If there is no initiative from her, then you are not interesting for her. She has time. But there is no desire.

6. You always apologize and take the first steps towards reconciliation.

For example, you quarreled a bit and, of course, you’re guilty of everything. You call first and apologize. If this happens on a regular basis, it’s a good reason to think. If she has a feeling to you and she is interested in you, she will cross her pride. But it’s not exactly. Ha-ha.

If you’re tired of always being in the friend zone and nothing helps (as it was once with me), there’s a simple way to feel again that you are in demand. Just go and

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