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Requirements For MNext Girlfriend #RFMNGF

I’ve started compiling a list on twitter of Requirements For My Next Girlfriend. Of course these are just ideals. Just nice to think about…

  • I just need girlfriend to do hoodrat and groupon things with #RFMNGF
  • She must be out of my league #RFMNGF
  • She must be a great kisser #RFMNGF
  • She must spontaneously take days off work to go on adventures with me. #RFMNGF
  • She must know how to “unzip” a .zip file. I once dated a girl that didn’t know what a zip file was. #RFMNGF
  • She must understand that even though I’m super busy, she’s still my priority. #RFMNGF
  • She must like to watch a little football on Sunday, or at least pretend to like it #RFMNGF
  • She must be the cure for my insomnia #RFMNGF
  • She must like to watch crappy award shows with me while I provide sarcastic and cynical commentary. #RFMNGF
  • She must like to cuddle  #RFMNGF
  • I’m just Jim looking for my Pam #RFMNGF
  • Have rhythm and keep up with my sick dance moves #RFMNGF
  • Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on. That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong #RFMNGF
  • She must love Disneyland #RFMNGF
  • She must like going to the farmers market on Sunday. Bonus points for wearing a sun dress. #RFMNGF#RFMNGF
  • She must make me put down all my work and pay attention to her #RFMNGF
  • She must like (tolerate) having to go with me to my professional social obligations #RFMNGF
  • She must appreciate (tolerate) me drunk dialing her at 2am, just to hear her voice #RFMNGF
  • I just want an adventure with someone, everyday, for the rest of my life. That’s not too much to ask for right? #RFMNGF
  • She must NOT smoke #RFMNGF
  • She must force me to get off my ass and exercise. Sometimes. #RFMNGF
  • She must be always up for an adventure, even on a Wednesday afternoon. #RFMNGF
  • She must have a facebook. People who don’t have facebook, don’t have friends. Fact. #RFMNGF
  • She must enjoying volunteering and volunteer with me #RFMNGF
  • We must have continuously have funny playful sarcastic banter #RFMNGF
  • When I’m with her she must make me forget to tweet, check my facebook and make me not even care where my phone is #RFMNGF
  • Inside jokes that only we would think are funny #RFMNGF