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OkCupid Review 2019

How Does OkCupid Work

«Ok, Google! Find me a perfect match!» So, Google suggests you OkCupid, and now you have to say: «Ok, Cupid! find me a perfect match!»

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Witty, isn’t it? Yet, Google wasn’t the first to create the «Ok, do something for me»-phrase. Google Assistant was still in diapers when OkCupid saw the thousandth reform since it was created in 2004. Once an average dating site, now OkCupid is one of the matchmaking titans with 50 million users globally.

I really love how OkCupid’s present homepage looks like. They promote interracial and LGBT relationships among others through the photos (awww, that’s so too sweet of you, Steve!) So yeah, if you want to find different dating options, I think OkCupid is the right place to stay. But don’t assume it’s perfect in everything! I’ll tell you the truth and show you how to use OkCupid.

Okcupid Dating site

OkCupid signup & creating a profile

God Bless Facebook!

OkCupid dating site is pretty friendly at the registration stage (which I hate the most!) It annoys me to enter all this data like name, email, location, B’Day. I really hate it! Thank God, OkCupid allows you to skip this bullshit and register via Facebook (amen!).

Yet, another circle of hell – to create an OkCupid profile, you need to answer dozens of questions about your relationship interests, religion (no, no, I’m not religious at all. Did I say «Thank God» before??), habits (fuck, why do they make me reveal that I smoke!), sexual orientation and so on. I can’t skip this freaking stage on any of the dating sites, and OkCupid isn’t an exception.

okcupid questions

For that, I just wasted 10 minutes of my life, lol. The only good thing is that their system helped me to find my matches relatively fast. But there’s another problem! I happened to be among 65% of other desperate men seeking hookups (oops, did I say that? I meant relationships!) Yeah, that’s the problem with OkCupid dating – most of the users are men.

OkCupid profile search & quality

Now, THE WORST PART about OkCupid. You will never see another person’s profile unless… you pay. This. Is. Frustrating. And you should be super thankful to me for checking it up for you. Yes, I did you a favor (I know, I’m mean and evil).

Anyways, profiles on OkCupid are pretty detailed (not all!) After the photo gallery you can see the About Me field but come on, no one completes it! Few keywords and 1 or 2-sentence descriptions are ok.

Okcupid Prifile

After the signup process, you can still upgrade your profile by answering OkCupid questions related to matchmaking. I did that (God bless me!) and even unlocked my personality traits. After this my OkCupid profile started looking much better – few more girls noticed me (yes!).

How did I search other profiles on OkCupid? Well, it was my personality test (you remember it, right?) which determined my compatibility with other users. So when I searched for girls through filters, I could see the compatibility percentage on their profiles. It’s useful, actually. I filtered out people who weren’t online and my choice narrowed down. But I still prefer the Double Take feature. It’s like OkCupid version of Tinder where you have to swipe.

okcupid doubletake

Making contact. I wish it was as before

Not long ago OkCupid changed its rules. Before you could text any person on the site, but now the other user will see your message only if they liked you back! I understand that it helps to filter out people who aren’t interested in you, but come on!

Some people may like you but out of carelessness they might not like you back (well, why am I blaming others, I may forget to like someone!) and that’s it, the contact is lost! So swiping and liking on OkCupid is a big thing now! But there’s another advantage, I agree. Less spamming, MUAHAHA.

OkCupid Cost

So this is actually the most frustrating part – you can’t get away without paying if you want to use a good dating site. On OkCupid, you can message others for free, use matchmaking services, search filters and Double Take.

But if you want to see who liked your profile (and without this, you won’t be able to text that person), see public question answers, use an advanced filter and, most importantly, FORGET ABOUT FREAKING ADS, yes, you will have to pay. Here’s how much.

A-List Basic Subscription:

  • See who likes you
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Sending unlimited likes
  • Know when you message is read
  • No ads
Period Price per month Total
1 Month 7.95 USD 7.95 USD
3 Months 6.35 USD 19.05 USD
6 Months 3.95 USD 23.70 USD


A-List Premium Subscription:

  • Daily Auto Boost
  • Increased attractiveness
  • See public question answers
  • Plus Everything that is available in Basic Subscription
Period Price per month Total
1 Month 24.90 USD 24.90 USD
3 Months 22.90 USD 68.70 USD
6 Months 19.90 USD 119.40 USD



Number of CreditsPrice per creditTotal
1  Boost2.99 USD2.99 USD
5 Boosts2.19 USD10.95 USD
10 Boosts1.89 USD18.90 USD


OkCupid Special features

Well, I’ve talked about some of them already, but let me keep being kind and remind you about that. 


Boost makes your profile visible for more members who use the main search and Double Take. Your profile will be highlighted. Twinkle twinkle little star!

Double Take

Ok, tell me that you remember this one. No? Dude, you gotta memory issues. Fine, it’s a Tinder-like matchmaking system. Based on the results of your personality test, Double Take suggests matches to you. You swipe left to dump them or right to get closer to them.

See Who You Like & See Who Likes You

See special lists, message people who you like and those who like you (to access the latter, you need to pay). 

OkCupid Blog

Oh yeah, dating tips from dating experts, that’s what you may need! 

Is using OkCupid safe?

Are you scared of OkCupid scam? Me too! Well, no one hacked or blackmailed me since I registered there, lol. Yeah, OkCupid had some scandals in their history related to data breaches, but they seem to have figured that out. I still wouldn’t reveal all my data, coz who knows. 

Beware of OkCupid fake profiles! These trolls are on all dating sites, and even I don’t know how they could get rid of them. Anyways, if anything happens, contact the OkCupid customer service. 

My final word

OkCupid’s worked for so long that I don’t know why one would be scared to use them. They have a nice OkCupid app, many special features, annoying ads, fake profiles, like-lists, different types of subscriptions – they have everything that an average online dating site has. But they have a bit more than that – cool design (not the one from the 90s) and Tinder-like swiping. I really like it. Left-right-right. So, approved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete OkCupid account?

Once logged in, click on your profile pic, go to Settings, then to My Account Section, and click on the link «Go here to disable or delete your account». Click the red «Delete» button and confirm your password. Voila!

What does Boost do?

Boost makes your profile shown in more search results than it would be without boost. Okcupid Boost is highlighted with the lightning bolt icon.

What is DoubleTake?

Doubletake is a swiping matchmaking system, which is based on the results of your personality test. You can either Like a profile by clicking the star icon or pass it by clicking the x icon.

How to See Who Likes You on OkCupid?

If you and another member Like each other, you both will be notified.
If someone liked you first, when you also like him/her you will be notified that you both like each other.
If you were the first to like someone, you will be notified as soon as someone likes you back.
If you want to see the full list of who likes you (even if you haven’t liked them yet) you have to buy an A-List Subscription

What do the Colors Mean on OkCupid?

Green = don’t message, the person is seeing someone.
Yellow = you can message them, but won’t get an instant response (wait for weeks, dude).
Red = the person is online and is less likely to ignore you. Red is dope!

OkCupid Contact Information

Address:25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!