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MeetMindful Review 2020

Are you tired of the empty relationships and the shallow conversations you get on dating sites? Do you want the relationship to be long lasting and the conversations to touch your soul? So I have something new for you – What is Meetmindful? It’s one of the most popular dating sites around the world. They claim that you will meet a mindful partner there. So, I decided to check how mindful are the users on this dating website.

I liked that the site paid a lot of attention to the information the users provided, and it helped me a lot in my search. Oddly enough, here you can find not only my soul mate but also new friends. So welcome to my meetmindful review.


  • Site is focused on creating genuine communication between the mindful people based on shared values ​​and views.
  •  If you are not looking for a couple or a long-term relationship, then the site offers an option to find a friend (Yeah, just a “friend”).
  • No endless swapping of profiles.
  • Meetmindful is very easy to use and has a very nice interface. It doesn’t hurt your eyes.

  • The number of users is not so great, which complicates the search for your meetmindful mate. If you live in a small town, don’t be surprised if you will be the only one in your city to use the sourse.
  • You MUST feel in many field in your profile to be able to communicate.
  • IMHO a bit expensive premium membership.

Meetmindful sign-up & creating a profile

Meet Mindful registration

There are two ways to register here: via email or via Facebook. No surprise.

I decided to sign up to Meetmindful via Facebook, hate entering many letters and too lazy to go then to mailbox and click the link. But you can do this as you like. 

Register Free

The registration process took me about 2 minutes. God bless Facebook! (yeap, I bless Facebook again).

After registering you have to answer questions, many questions…but if such questionnaires annoy you as much as they annoy me you can skip it (hooray!) and start looking for your soulmate.

MeetMindful questions

How does the search work?

Finding users is actually not a rocket science. You just need to PAY. Otherwise you can enjoy just your daily matches. You are looking through profiles and deciding whether you like the girl.

Meetmindful search

Great thing is that Meetmindful matches take into account your location. So you can find girls near you. This is a huge plus for me, I am not a fan of a long-distance relationship. It helped me a lot, saved my time and even my money. (Yeah, moneyyy)

MeetMindful Matches

What is also good is that there are almost no rail accounts on the site. Moderators work very well and carefully check each profile.

If you are not stingy and really interested in finding love, you can buy premium and use such privilege as search with plenty of filters. You don’t have to waste time trying to get your true love out of hundreds of thousands of user profiles.

Making contact

So, the most important part – communication. There are only two ways of communication on the site: to send a message or to like a profile.

As a free member, you have the opportunity to interact with 10 potential girls every day, and decide if you like her or not. Kind of a Tinder-like thing. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Meetmindful offered me really great (at first glance) girls. After all, not every girl will fit for such a handsome guy as me. Kidding. (if you are newbie at my blog you can read requirements for my new girlfriend).

I’ve chosen some girls from my matches and decided to pitch them with one of my outstanding first messages. Surprise! You profile must be 68% complete. WHY don’t they tell it at the beginning, so the users would have a motivation to answer all those stupid questions???

Meet mindful communication

I had to go back to my profile and spend lots of my precious time for filling in as many fields as possible. Girl, i hope you are worth it!

And of course girl should like you back to start chatting free with her. Otherwise pay, pay, pay.

There were some girls who didn’t response to my preference. They just didn’t know who they were losing. Ha-ha! Costs and Prices

Meetmindful premium prices

As you may have already understood Meetmindful legit website has two types of accounts: free and premium. I can’t say that the free account is bad, but it severely restricted my communication. It gave me the opportunity to fill in the information about myself in every detail I wanted, I was able to upload 6 photos to my profile, I could view potential girlfriends and there was a filter of search by religious beliefs, preferences, interests and more. The Meetmindful team also sent me emails suggesting new users that were nearby.

Before paying for Premium you are given a two day free trial, so that you can to interact with other users, after which you can return to your standard account or continue paid subscription.

Premium Subscription Prices

DurationCost per monthTotal
1 Week$14.00/week$14.00
1 Month$29.00/month$29.00
3 Months$16.33/month$49.00
6 Months$13.17/month$79.00

As a premium user, you can: see who has also purchased a paid subscription. Moreover, when you send a message to your potential mate, you can immediately know if she had read your message, or ignored it.

Another really cool benefit is that you can see who has viewed your profile or liked it. The premium account has more effective filters that have help you personalize your ideas about the perfect half.

But, both in the free account and in the premium account, the team sends suggestions about potential girls that are nearby.

Customer Support

As I said, the customer support team works great. You even receive a greeting from a Co-founder of Meetmindful. That is so sweeeeeet…I see how she is sitting in her office and writing such greeting letters to every newcomer…aha.

Meet mindful support

Let’s talk about what support you can really get. If you have a premium account, the team will assist you within 1 business day. If you have a free account, you will have to wait a little longer, as there are so many such users.

Meetmindful website also has listing tips and FAQs from the support team. Most of your problems or questions can be answered there.

My conclusion for MeetMindful

So, I think Meetmindful is a pretty good place where the singles can find and interact with each other. The platform has something for everyone who is looking not only for communication but also for those who are looking for cosmic connection. If this is what most people are looking for, why not sign up? Just a few swaps and you’re done.

Register NOW

What does Meetmindful cost?

Meetmindful has different types of subscriptions. Price starts from $29.00 per month. More details on prices is here

How to delete Meetmindful account?

I you want to cancel Meetmindful account you should go to the setting and choose Delete Account. If you are using the IOS App be careful! Deleting your account won’t stop your subscription plan as it is managed through your Apple ID. Go to the section “Subscription Management” to cancel Meetmindful Subscription. Note that any refunds are possible.

Is Meetmindful site free?

Sure you can use Meetmindful site for free, however with some restrictions. You will be able to browse up to 10 profiles and like only 3 of them per day. Also you can upload only 6 photos to your profile with free subscription.

Is Meetmindful Safe and Legit?

Meetmindful is safe and legit website. They check registered profiles and delete bots. So you can meet few fakes there.


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!