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Full Dream Connections Review: Things I Hate About This Site

My experience on DreamConnections

I am going to tell you all the truth about Dream Connections dating. Guys, this review is what you need before signing up. All Dream Connections reviews I found before make this place kind of heaven. Nonsense! I want to vomit from all the sweet words I have read. It is disgusting, guys! You deserve someone who will tell you everything about Dream Connections complaints. So get ready for the truth!

What is Dream Connections international dating site and how to register there?

Dreamconnections review

Guys, if you have nothing to do and plenty of time, go ahead, make a Dream Connections sign in! I needed an hour to understand how to register on the site! Do you imagine? Dear Dream Connections, are you out of mind? Make the site easier!

You need to know a little history of Dream Connections. It was created by an international couple, Mark and Anna. Mark went to the Romance tour to Ukraine, and there they met. Their success story inspired them to help other people around the world. As a result, they created the Dream Connections marriage agency.

And yes, when I used the site I felt like I am watching a family photo album! Are you kidding me? Why the hell do I need all your personal experience and details? I want to find a woman, not to watch dozens of videos! Guys, this Mark is obsessed with himself, believe me. Every section of the site is followed by his 5 minutes video. Is he so selfish that he can’t stop looking at himself?

I hate all those videos! Everything is about videos! And his face is everywhere! Am I going to date him? Mark, shut up and let me see all the ladies you talk about!

So yes, I finally signed up. But I had to pour a glass of wine to calm down. So you better prepare one for yourself too.

How does Dream Connections ladies search work?

Dream connections search

Oh yes, we search for ladies here, I forgot. I thought we search only for one more video from Mark.

Press button ladies and use search filters to find a woman. But guess what you see first here? Right, those fucking videos again! Luckily it is not Mark. Some Dream Connections profiles have not a picture on it, but a short video. Yeah, it’s a great idea to watch lady better, but it makes my computer die as it downloads so long!

Why the hell you can’t just put a photo on the profile? I want to decide by myself when I want to watch the video and when not!

My experience of communication with Dream Connections ladies

Dreamconnections profile

None. Here I can stop and go to another point. That is not a joke, and I am fucking serious. You don’t communicate with ladies on Dream Connections. No letters, no chat, no likes, and no winks. It is not a Dreamconnections scam, as you might think!

The specialty of the site is Dream Connections tours. So you watch the catalog of women, choose the hottest one and if you want to talk with her – go to her country for a meeting! What’s the fuck? I am pissed off with this system! I don’t want to fly 1000 miles to the lady I absolutely don’t know.

I need to feel chemistry! How it is possible in the modern world that photo is enough?

And now is my favorite part of this Dream Connections review.

How much does Dream Connections cost?

You don’t pay for the communication on Dreams Connections as you don’t communicate there. But you pay for the Dream Connections Tour. Guess how much does it cost? 5 thousand bucks! And plane tickets are not counted.

So guys, if you don’t have a tight wallet like me, go to some other place to look for a wife. I did not go on any fucking tour! And when the price is so high, why the hell should all the site visitors watch Mark’s face so often? Is it the price for self-advertisement or for help to singles? I have many questions about this and I asked Support already. I can’t wait for their answer!

So most reviews of Dream Connections either lie or are written by some tight-wallet guys. I don’t think we can call those reviews objective and suitable for us!

Is Dream Connections legit?

Mark and Anna did not care about the site’s interface (it is gross!), but they cared about the legal part. You don’t share any personal details until you are not going on the Dream Connections Tour. All women you see on the site you can see in reality when going to meet them, so in this, they will not make a fool of you. Dream Connections scam does not exist because women don’t talk with you on the site.

Does support on Dream Connections really support users?

Support is everywhere! On every fucking page of this goddamn site! Mark will kindly answer all your questions in his videos lol. No, this is kinda scary! There are TOO many videos on the site. I wrote to the support and asked why the tour is so expensive, and I got the answer very quickly!

They gave me the link to Mark’s video, where he answers this question. So yeah, Dream Connections supports in all ways!

Bottom line

All reviews for dream connections are full of sweet words and compliments to Mark and Anna. But how this annoying self-advertisement can be so cool for people? Well, the site is a good option for those who have tight wallets, sadly I don’t. But if I would, I would travel to touch those hotties. And if you want to know the truth about this site, please don’t try to look for review “Dream connections.” You better read mine twice.


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!