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Plenty Of Fish Review 2020

Hey, Guys! Steve is back again!

I’ve spent plenty of time for you on the Plenty of Fish dating site. Let me reveal to you how to catch a fish on POF, if it is possible. I am shocked with the number of users present on the site. Seem that no one will be left without attention!

Do you want to find a wife here? No problem. Do you want to hook up? Hundreds of hotties are for your taste! So are all Plenty of Fish reviews true when pouring honey to your ears? I will tell you what is Plenty of Fish for real and how does POF work. Keep on reading!

How to register on Plenty of Fish?

pof registration

Fucking registration on the POF dating site is the longest I ever saw. It is like a special kind of hell! Do they want me to grow old while filling it in? If you finished your signing up, then you are probably really desperate. It took me 10 minutes to create a profile! They wanted me to answer questions, and they are mandatory!

Guys, you think people come to your site because they want to talk about themselves? People come for a good fuck and marriage! Think about it.

How does Plenty of Fish search work?

plenty of fish dating site

It seems that you can find even your ex on the POF website. POF search works perfectly, and the number of filters to use is huge. I loved it!

But what the hell is going on with ads on the site? It is everywhere; it is goddamn confusing! Is Plenty of Fish hacked? One can easily forget about what he was going to search with all those ads. Is it a curse of all free sites?

My experience of communication with Plenty of Fish profiles

The fact that the POF date site is free attracts all the shit to it. Do you want to find a wife there? Nice of you! But ready to be attacked by all the hungry females. You will get tons of messages offering you sex for one night.

How am I supposed to filter my communication there, hah? Plenty of Fish dating website blocks messages with inappropriate content, that’s true. But desperate ladies are very inventive in their messages.

How much does Plenty of Fish cost?

What I love about the POF website is that I can chat for free! I even can send voice messages! Have you seen this on other dating sites? I haven’t!

But what I hate is the number of hungry ladies writing to me. You can upgrade your profile by the way. It will open a few additional features, like knowing the status of your sent messages and others. What are the prices?

DurationCost per monthTotal
2 Months$19.35/month$38.70
4 Montsh$12.75/month$51.00
8 Months$10.17/month$81.40

Good news is they you will see no ads with paid membership.


Are there any fake profiles on Plenty of Fish?

Dude, where free service is, all kinds of shit is as well. Fucking hell registration on the site makes POF scams impossible to exist. But who knows? I did not notice any scam, and they say it is monitored all the time. But with such a number of users and free using…I am just warning.

How does POF customer service help users?

I got lost in their FAQ sections because they answered all the questions, even the most stupid ones. Guys, are really so dumb that you can’t find out what button to press? Ok, I believe you. With such a fucking miserable design, it is possible. Anyway, write any questions to the Plenty of Fish customer service and they answer you. Not always fast, by the way!

Bottom line

All POF reviews pour honey to your ears and make you believe that it is a paradise for singles who want marriage. I think the world deserves an honest opinion, and I give it in my POF dating site review. This is also a paradise for those who want sex desperately. You are lucky if this is you. POF search profiles work perfectly, so you will find the hottie.

In general, the Plenty Of Fish website is a good option for all goals. If you are not distracted by ads, you can find what you are looking for there. And I will continue my search.

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How to block someone on POF date site?

If someone pissed you off, open your conversation and press the button Block User there. Now, this jerk will not contact you again, but she will still be able to see your profile in search. Let them admire!

How to unblock on POF?

If you change your mind like girls on PMS, open any conversation in your inbox and click there Users I Blocked. Find Plenty of Fish profile you want to unblock and click Unblock User button.

How to delete my Plenty of Fish profile?

When you are tired of all the fucking ads on POF and want stop using it go to the Help sections. There you’ll find Remove profile link. Follow instructions and answer a few questions that prove your personality. After this, confirm your desire to delete.

How to cancel POF subscription?

They renew subscriptions automatically. To stop it, go to your account and uncheck the option for automatic renewals.

POF Contact Information

Company:Plentyoffish Media ULC
Address:142-757 West Hastings. PMB 670, Vancouver, V6C 1A1
Phone:+1 604 692 2542


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!