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Dating in San Diego – How to meet San Diego singles

Hey there! Do you live in San Diego? I knew it! But how come you’re still single? Something must be wrong. San Diego is an awesome dating spot. I really don’t know what you have been doing all this time – living under a rock in the San Diego Zoo, haven’t you? Even Madagascar animals were dreaming of getting to this city from NY, and you’re already there, yet, sitting idle.

Let me help you, however. Here I’ll tell you how dating in San Diego works. (Yes, you will say «thank you» afterwards). Let’s go!

San Diego dating sites

I’ll start with the best dating sites in San Diego. Why? Because since you’re still single, living in this city, I assume you are an introvert. So for you, it’s easier to test waters online rather than exploring people outside your comfort zone. I know, I’m pretty kind, thanks.


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San Diego dating

I’ve told you about before. My opinion hasn’t changed since then, it’s an average dating site. The main advantage is its number of users (around 30 million worldwide). So you can imagine how many San Diego singles are there – hundreds! Yeah, and the population of this beautiful California city is almost 1.5 million people.

On Match you can filter users by their city (you really can find many options in San Diego). The good news is that daily you’ll be getting 5 matches. If you want a San Diego guy who has never been married or a San Diego girl whose hobby is photography, the search system of Match can help you (yes, there are plenty filters, I’m not kidding!).


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San Diego Dating SitesWell, if you keep an eye out on people’s personalities, you can try searching for San Diego singles on OkCupid. But really, this site’s matchmaking is based on personality compatibility.

Moreover, you can download an app and also you can use basic features for free (not like on some stupid dating sites, ugh). Yeah, and I forgot to mention there are like 10 million members only from the US.

Coffee Meets Bagel

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San Diego singlesThe site seems ok for searching San Diegans but come on, this long name pisses me off. CoffeeMeetsBagel, really? Fine, 11 million members from the US compensate for that disadvantage. This site’s app is free (woohoo!), but you will have to get used to friend-to-friend matching system (oh, Gosh, don’t even ask me what it is, you can Google, can’t you?).


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San Diego singlesIf you’re such a snob as me, you will enjoy EliteSingles. This site is for those who care about their partner’s education the most. Want to hit on graduates of The University of San Diego or The University of California, San Diego?

EliteSingles is here to help you because 82% of its members hold at least a BA or BS degrees. Yeah, and like in old school days, you can hit on people by sending them virtual smiles or add them to the Favorites list. That’s for sure for mature people only.


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best dating sites san diego40 million users globally, doesn’t sound bad, right? It’s literally a singles club in San Diego. Joking. What’s cool about Zoosk is that it has one of the best dating apps. Very convenient. Once upon a time, you could sync up your Google + and Facebook accounts (but seriously, who ever did that???) but since now there’s no Google+ anymore… hm… Well, you can hope for match suggestions which will drop to your email daily or you can use Carousel. Not bad, actually.


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Dating in San DiegoActually, it’s POF nowadays. This site is as old as my grandma. Kidding. It was founded in 2003. I was already at school back then! Yeah, what I mean is that it’s cool, site’s team is experienced, there are tons of free features, the app is fine. But there’s also a lot of suspicious fish – some members are fake, so be careful when meeting singles in San Diego!


San Diego speed dating

I hate extroverts, but fine, if you want speed dating in San Diego, ok, I’ll tell you something because you’re already here. So you want to see a dozen girls or guys in one evening and chat with them. Hm. My advice to you is to:

  • Find a reliable speed dating agency in the city
  • Check out their events schedule (e.g., San Diego singles events)
  • Buy a ticket online (you can try waiting for sales)
  • Just go there and let the small talk help you, amen!

There are many speed dating sites in San Diego, don’t even which to suggest first. Maybe try out Cloud9SpeedDating, EventBrite and SpeedsDDating.

San Diego singles bars

So let’s imagine you’re a tourist and just want to know the best places to meet singles in San Diego. I’ll tell you, after another shot.

Let’s go one by one.


Single women in San Diego long for this bar. Every evening they occupy it like bees occupy a beehive. Why? Because this bar serves dope drinks based on dehydrated mango (you feel me?), lime, and chili tequila. Women want their lives spiced up like in Mexican soap operas!

Baby Beer Company

You thought you would come for a beer-date here? Nah, San Diego girls may choose brown ales and apple ciders. This bar has a wide choice of beverages.


Where to find the original San Diego craft beer? People say in LiveWire, but I don’t trust them. They also say it’s a good San Diego singles scene, but it’s bullshit. Yet, I met my wife in this bar 2 years ago, so what? It doesn’t prove anything!

Other dating ideas in San Diego

If you don’t trust dating sites, if speed dating isn’t your cup of tea, if you don’t take alcohol, then… You can’t find your match in San Diego! Lol, of course, you can. I’ve come up with some crazy dating ideas for you in this city:

  • Hook people up on San Diego beaches. But don’t start your convo with the weather – it’s always perfect in San Diego, come on! Everyone knows it, be more unpredictable!
  • Attend singles parties in San Diego (for that you need to find San Diego singles clubs) and «dance like you’re making love»! Oops, did I just quote Ciara’s song? No way!
  • Try out singles chat rooms (I don’t know how they work, truly)
  • Go old-school: publish your ads about yourself, be among San Diego personals!
    Attend Comic-Cons but only if you’re into TV-series, movies or books (it’s California, baby!), otherwise, you’ll just die out of boredom there
  • Bump into people in the streets! It might be cheesy, but why not?

The final verdict

So, let’s sum it up. How can you find a single eager to date in San Diego? Well, you can:

  • Hunt for singles on dating sites
  • Chase after them on San Diego beaches
  • Get drunk with San Diegans at bars
  • Dance at dope clubs
  • Do speed dating, etc.

So, I tried to help you. And what have you done to date a single in California, huh?!

Cheers and love!


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!