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Sorry, that is unfortunate — that’s what I saw when I tried to sign up. The registration is a total mess, whether you do it from your laptop or from your smartphone. Something always ain’t right when you try to create an account, and I would’ve never gone through it if it wasn’t for this review.


  • More than 20 man users from all over the world
  • You can show your interest free (winks, yes-rating, likes, and favorites)
  • A great variety of search filters
  • Constantly improved matching algorithm


  • Paid messaging
  • No privacy mode for free users
  • Customer Support available only on weekdays.

And I’m still here, as you see. It was kinda long and fucked up story, but it ended well — not perfect, yeah (a story that begins like that can’t be perfect), but definitely well. Let’s see if the triple-A dating sites are really triple-A.

Want a spoiler? They are not. At least this one.

Do you remember the times when signing up was a problem? No? I don’t remember as well. Why?

Because there are usually NO fucking problems with registration — you provide some basic information, enter your email address and voila, it’s done. provides a totally different experience, and when I say “totally different experience” I’m not in any way trying to advertise this website. At first, it isn’t worth it. Second, it doesn’t need it.

So, what about the sign up process?

In the beginning, everything looks nice. You enter your gender, date of birth, location, username, email address, and password. Then, you click on the Continue button and enter your gender, date of birth, location… After that, you’re starting to get suspicious. What the fuck is going on?

Then, you go to your email inbox and find an email from Match. Steven, confirm your account, they say. Thank you for joining our community of committed singles, they say. And there is a big blue “Check In” button, so you click on it.

And then it starts all over again: you enter your gender, date of birth, location… Perfect work,, that’s what I call a pure 10/10 experience. You are fucking awesome, guys.

Well, alright, shit happens. You can always log in with your Facebook account, so you click on “Continue with Facebook” button. And then…

Match com registration

I never mastered the international version of, as you may have guessed. You may ask why did I start with the international version instead of the US version? The thing is, I wanted this review to be useful for all my readers, so I decided to test all of the sites. And as you can see, I’ve only tested one of them.

US Version Registration

The good news is: the US version is just great, at least the signup part. It took me a matter of minutes to create an account and to answer the personality questions (nothing like a fucking Eharmony with their 40-minute survey). The US version of rehabilitated Match as a dating site. 10/10 for the US version, 0/10 for the international version.

P.S. It’s not necessary that you’ll have the same problems, of course. If 100% of users had such problems, would never become what it’s now. But still, that’s NOT how a good dating site works, especially if it’s so popular.

Match search and profile quality. Not great, not terrible

Some of the profiles are detailed, some of them are not. Some of them are online, some of them were online 3 months ago. is an average dating website in this regard.

Yes, I’ve seen some porn bots and scammer profiles here, but there are probably no dating sites without these fuckers. Something like an ID verification could help, but it would also kill all the fun, so I vote for porn bots. At least they are nice to watch.

As for the search, well, it works exactly as you expect it to work. You can narrow search to find a 18 years old slender Asian who prefers one-night stands (sounds like one of those videos we all saw), and all the search filters are available for free. I honestly can’t say anything bad about it, it’s almost perfect.

How does Match com really work? The best part of the story

To cut a long story short: I’ve been matched with more than 2000 of women from San Diego. You know what it looks like, right? It looks like they’ve shown me ALL the women from San Diego. After that, I tried Mutual Match, and guess what? 2000+ women again. The detailed matching system, my ass.

Match com review

I haven’t sent 2000 messages. I’ve chosen something like 100 women, and… I got 10 responses and 2 dates (Samantha was great). The other 90 haven’t responded in 3 weeks, and here’s what I know: it’s not about me, and it’s not about them. It’s about There are two problems with it.

The first problem is: only upgraded members can send and read messages.

The second one is: if a woman has never paid or canceled her subscription, you’ll never know it.

That’s the shittiest part of it — you can write a perfect long message and she’ll never be able to see it just because she hasn’t paid for a premium subscription.

I exaggerated, of course. Who the fuck sends long icebreakers?

But you get a general idea. Most of the women you’ll send a message to will never read it. Some of them will, and some of these “some” will meet you. That’s alright, that’s how all the dating sites work — except Match a paid website, and that’s probably not what you expect from a paid website.

Match com dating site

90% match. IRL it was almost 100% iYKwIM Pricing

Match com subscription

That’s why.

Because you’ve come here to find dates, not to stare on their photos. Sending emails is paid, receiving them is paid, match events are paid, even seeing who viewed or liked you is paid. As a free user, you can receive matches, search for them, post a photo and send likes, nothing more.

There are two plans here, standard and premium.

Standard plan allows to send and receive messages.

PeriodPrice per MonthTotal
3 Months$35.99$107.97
6 Months$21.99$131.94
12 Months$17.99$215.88

Premium plan provides some shitty unnecessary benefits (except for monthly boost, of course).

PeriodPrice per MonthTotal
3 Months$39.99$119.97
6 Months$23.99$143.94
12 Months$19.99$239.88 pricing

Any perfectionists out there? Sorry, I screwed up

I’ve paid with PayPal, but you can use your credit card, it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that these fuckers have an auto-renewal feature. If you buy a 1-month package, you’ll be automatically charged after 30 days — and refund policy is probably the worst refund policy I’ve ever seen, so don’t forget to cancel the automatic renewal.

Customer support

Customer support quality is the last thing I usually worry about, but not when it comes to The problem is: there are stories. Lots of people say that the’s customer support is bullshit — like, they don’t respond to emails right away, it’s impossible to reach them by phone, and they don’t have a live chat.

The latter is true — one of the best dating sites in the world doesn’t offer a live chat customer support (hell yeah, that’s exactly how I understand the word “best”). But as for a support phone line, I’ve tried it — and they responded in, like, 5 minutes.

What I learned from

A sample size of me isn’t science, and it doesn’t mean that your response rate will be as bad as mine. And your registration (shit, I’m still mad about it). It’s a disclaimer, just saying.

The truth is: it’s an average dating site, which has only one strong advantage — the number of users. There are more than 8.6 million members on it, which means it’s the BIGGEST dating website in the world — and that’s definitely the triple-A level. But the level of services doesn’t deserve such a high grade. It’s not even A.

It’s up to you to choose. The number of users is an advantage of Match. The fact that it really works (even if the response rate is low) is another one. If these advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you should try it — they even offer something like a free trial, so you won’t have to pay right away. If you think that there are lots of better options, you’re right about that, too — good free websites and decent niche websites will at least not disappoint you more than Match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Be Trusted?

Yes, you can. is one of the best and most well known dating websites. It is owned by American holding company InterActiveCorp

How To Cancel Subscription?

There are 3 ways to cancel your subscription: from the website, via IOS/Android device or by contacting Match com support.
On the website:
Log in and go to your account
Click on Settings icon and select “Manage/cancel membership”.
Follow the steps to cancel your subscription.
On an IOS device:
Go to Settings and tap “iTunes & App Store” on your device.
Select “Manage” within Subscriptions and fins there subscription.
Tap “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of the screen and then confirm.
On an Android device:
Go to Google Play Store on your device.
Select “Account” -> “Subscriptions.”-> from the list.
Then tap “Cancel” and confirm

Can You Use for Free?

As a free user you can browse, search for users and view matches, create a profile, send and receive “wink”. If you want to message someone you should buy a membership.
You can try free membership, but then you have to pay.

How To Hide Profile on

Click on your Profile at the top right hand corner of the screen
On the left, you will see ” Visibility Options”. Go there and choose Hide Profile.

Match Com Contact Information
Address:8750 N Cntl Expy Ste 1400 Dallas, Texas 75231


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