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Badoo Review 2020

Badoo. Surprisingly good, but with porn bots and fake profiles

Badoo Sign up – Better than I thought

So, let’s get to the point. I opened the website, entered my name, date of birth, city, gender, email, and password, and clicked “Sign up”. Then I uploaded a photo and linked my Badoo account to my Facebook account. That’s the whole story — all I had to do after this was verifying my profile.

Shit, it’s too easy to be true. Let’s hope the verification will be as fast as the registration… But I’m getting some real fucking concerns here.


The thing is, I heard that Badoo was a scam-free dating site (it turned out to be bullshit btw), so I expected it to have an ID verification. And this would’ve been fucked-up.

ID verification is bullshit, everyone knows it. Just think about it — since when sending your ID card to fuck-knows-who to create an account sounds like a good idea? What’s next, they’ll ask me to give them a damn DNA sample? I’m not paranoid, but I just hate it. But I’m not a naive idiot either — I understand that ID verification is probably the best thing they can do to provide a safe experience.

Good news is that Badoo uses a photo verification, which is probably the best option for those who don’t want to upload their ID cards. They showed me a gesture (it looked like the West Coast hand sign; Method Man wouldn’t like it). I took a photo with the same gesture, and in 1 minute I’ve got a notification that I’ve passed the verification. They said that no one would see this photo, and I hope was true, lol.

Damn, it was awesome. I didn’t have to wait, I just created an account and verified it. I’m not sure if it’s an AI-based or a hand-checked process, but it was almost as fast as a fucking Face ID on my iPhone. I liked it, really.

P.S. Webcam spoofing doesn’t work, folks. I know that some men tried it, but they were banned in 10-15 minutes, so don’t even try it.

Badoo Profiles search – worse than could’ve been

I’ve seen 1 Khaleesi here, just so you know. And dozens of fake profiles. “I want a big D” bio 2 or 3 times (well, at least it was honest). “I’m in a relationship” bio (so wtf are you doing here, you cheating bitch??!?). Several Russian-speaking porn bots and lots of Spanish-speaking porn bots. Transgender porn bots and bisexual porn bots are here as well. I’ve seen hundreds of porn bots here, actually. And another Khaleesi — none of these two Khaleesies were hot blondes, but I’m sure you’ll find dozens of them here (in case you’re a big GoT fan). I’m not sure if there are any GoT fans after the season finale, but still.

Empty and boring profiles are another problem. Alright, alright, it’s not necessary for a woman to write a bio — ’cause you know, men still write to them even if they have empty profiles. But come on, what the fuck am I supposed to write to the women with blank profiles?

Badoo Profiles

That’s what I’m talking about. There are hundreds of profiles like this here

Well, actually, it’s not that bad. There were hundreds of nice girls near me, and I can’t say that 100% of these profiles were fake. 10-20%, I guess. 95% of the real women were not into hookups, so take this into account. If you’re looking for casual sex, Tinder may work better.

Badoo Search Filters

Badoo Search

What I didn’t like about Badoo were its search filters. I can only search by gender, age, and radius here — so what should I do if I want to find a blonde 18-year-old Asian? I tried, but the closest I could get was 25 y.o. Hannah from San Diego, whose ancestors were Chinese immigrants. She was nice, but shit, I had to dig through hundreds of profiles to find her! It would’ve been MUCH more comfortable if Badoo had more advanced search filters. Right now, that’s just not what you expect from such a popular dating site.

P.S. Some women upload videos, and these videos can be fucking annoying. You want to see all the photos of a woman and then BOOM, a stupid loud song begins to play. Doesn’t sound like a big problem, does it? But not when it’s night time and your roommate is sleeping. So, use your headphones.

My experience with Badoo dating site – 9/10

Here comes the best part of the story: Badoo works. Yes, there are porn bots here, and yes, I’d like it much better if they’d have more search filters; but I had a chat with dozens of women and dated 5 or 6 of them — so this dating website works just as expected.

The main question I have is what the fuck is wrong with their free membership. I didn’t have any visitors during the first 24 hours, so I’ve decided to pay for a premium subscription. Voila — 5 minutes after, the situation looked like this:

Free account — 0 women for 24 hours. Premium account — 3 women for 5 minutes. Was it a coincidence? Well, I’m not the only one who noticed it, so it’s probably wasn’t. So, be ready to spend some money here — because if you don’t want to pay, no one will fucking see you!

How much does Badoo cost?

Badoo Profiles

5 minutes after buying a premium account. 1 like, 3 visits (0/0 when I had a free account).

As you can see, the premium features are quite basic — paid users are ranked higher, they can undo their “No” votes, view the profiles invisibly, and have their messages read first. Sending and receiving messages is free, so it’s actually possible to arrange a date for free. But it’s not just about premium features, it’s much more about popularity — if you wanna get more messages and likes, a premium subscription is a must.

Especially since it’s so fucking cheap! I’ve tried a 1-day subscription first, and it was only $0.8. After that, I’ve bought a 1-month subscription, and it cost $13. Here are the prices:

PeriodPrice per MonthTotal
3 Months$10.6$32
6 Months$16$48

Tbh, such prices are a breath of fresh air — you pay less than $50 and forget about it for 6 months. Great work, Badoo. I’d almost forgotten about porn bots.


Badoo customer service and support –  7/10

Don’t get me wrong, the support team works well here — they answered my questions in 2 hours, so I don’t have any claims.

The problem is that email is the ONLY way you can contact them. No live chat, no toll-free phone number — if there is an urgent problem, you’ll have to wait for 1 or 2 hours. That’s what I wanted to see, and I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to see either. Shit. 4/10, Badoo, I’m sorry.

Why it’s still nice

Despite all the shit, Badoo is good. I had near 6 dates, and I’ve only had to pay $13 for this. Real dates are the key factor when it comes to choosing a dating site — and Badoo hasn’t disappointed me in this regard.

It’s not “omg it’s the best” dating site in the world. But if you are looking for something simple and cheap, Badoo will definitely work for you. Yes, there are lots of bots here, and yes, if you don’t pay you will hardly get visitors and likes. But it’s still good.


Badoo Contact Information

Company:Badoo Trading Limited
Address:The Broadgate Tower Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 2RS.
Fax+44 (0) 207 099 9940

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete Badoo Account

If you have found the love of your life and want to remove your Badoo profile, then just follow these easy steps
Sign in into your account
Visit your Badoo profile: you need just to click on the tab with your name on the top left corner.
Go to the Settings (It’s a gear icon in the top right corner of the screen)
Click on Delete Account Option. (you’ll find it written in a very faint font if you scroll down the page).
Confirm Cancellation of the Badoo Account: select “Delete your account” option to delete your account.
Ignore the Premium Feature Offer and continue by clicking on “Delete your account” link.
Choose Reasons for Leaving and click Continue.
The final step is entering your password and the special characters in the box to confirm your decision. You need to click on “Delete your account” link again.
Congrats! Your Badoo Profile Deleted! You will get a confirmation message and email soon. You have 30 days to reactivate your account if you change your mind.

Will Badoo Show on Facebook?

When you sign up for or access Badoo with Facebook, they may collect such data as your email address, name, profile picture, birth date, list of friends who also use the app, pages that you like. Save location and photos to create or update your Badoo profile. You can also appear as a Badoo user in your friends’ Facebook apps.

How to Unmatch on Badoo?

To remove someone from the favorites list on Badoo you should click the Menu button and then click the checkbox next to the member you want to delete. Click the red Delete button to remove the user.

How to Get Free Credits?

There are 2 ways to get free Badoo credits.
You need to take a number of surveys or subscribe to the newsletter. You could be given from 100 to 500 credits.
By Inviting Friends. Invite a friend to join Badoo and then click “Collect” next to the friend’s name.

How to Block Someone?

To block a user on badoo you have to visit his/her profile, in the top right corner of their profile find the icon and select ‘Block or report’.

What Does Yellow Dot Mean?

Yellow dot on Badoo means that the user was recently online.
Green dot means the user is online now.
Grey dot means the user is offline.

What is a Crush?

On Badoo dating site there is an opportunity to send someone a Crush, which means you let this person know how much you like him/her by clicking the next to his/her picture in Encounters. This user will be able to check out your profile straight away. To send crushes you have to use Credits.


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