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How to detect a fake dating profile?

Do you have your head in the clouds and believe that all profiles on the dating website are real? Hold your horses, man, and learn further information. It costs me nothing to share my personal experience in online dating. Guys, don’t let them make you feel like a dummy! Draw out scam profiles on dating sites!

My path in identifying fake dating profiles

Being a middle-aged unmarried man, I always lean toward romantic relations with sweet women. In most cases, I found them on different dating sites. Are you with me on this? Are you fond of surfing the most attractive profiles and dream about meeting with one of these hot girls? Oh, Yes! I lose my head of such beauties! But, after the first dozen of my online dates, I understood that there are quite a few fake online profiles that are aimed at cheating you. Oh, what a surprise! Of course, it was out of the blue! However, now it is like a piece of cake for me to check if a profile is fake. Moreover, I can give you some tips, and you will be quite experienced with this question. So, follow my discoveries and learn how to spot a fake dating profile.

Scammers are far away from your place of living

I mean that if you are not interested in international dating, stay away from long-distance relationship! There are a lot of frauds from Nigeria and the Philippines. I don’t ask you to avoid communication with them. I only ask you to keep an eye on representatives of these countries.

Fake dating profiles are almost empty

You put too much effort in signing up, entering personal information, and filling out a long questionnaire. Then you come across the account which contains too little information. It is unfair! You may think… But this gives you a sign that such a person doesn’t look for someone special or some kind of relations. She or he doesn’t care. Thus, skip such a profile and move on!

They seem to be uneducated

I’m not a writer or an editor, and perhaps, you too. However, I always care about what I write and how I do this. But it is not about me now. One more common thing for fake profiles is lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. It makes me crazy! And what about you?

Fake dating profiles pictures

I call them “The owner of one photo.” You’ve probably seen such people who upload only one photo that expresses nothing about their personalities! Really? In the age of selfies and Instagram they have only 1 pic to share? Then I noticed that some people seemed familiar to me. I’ve done a bit research and found some of these photos on photo stocks. You can fight with such smart alecks with the help of TinEye and Google reverse image search.

Catch a fake dating account through messaging

“Copy, insert, change the name, send” – it is a common scheme of scammers. They don’t waste their time writing messages. You won’t find any true interest in you, your job, hobbies, or clarification of your profile information. It made my jaw fall!

Discrepancies in given details

It is the funniest point for me. It made me not only smile, but hoot with laughter. Lying is a language of scammers. They don’t remember what the answer to your question was. If you ask it one more time, you may be surprised by another variant. If you are tricky and attentive, you will notice too many mismatches.

Asking for money

Even if I had an exciting communication with a sweet woman and thought that I fell in love head over heels, there was the same situation….She asked for sending her money. One girl assured me that it was a matter of life and death, while another one had an accident. And my favorite situation was when she needed money for flying to me! I hope you are clever enough not to do such stupid things!

They seem perfect

Another type of scammers prefers to learn your pictures and profile information. Then they give your ideas out as if they are theirs. Such a woman always guesses what you want. She knows what to write and how to write to catch you. You can’t think about anybody else, but only about her. Wake up! She manipulates you and plays like a toy!

I believe that it is possible to find true love and relations on the dating platforms. However, you should keep in mind that there are so many fake profiles on dating sites. Remember about the warning signs, such as one stock photo, discrepancies in the given information, too little data in the profile, many grammar and spelling mistakes, request for money, or pretending to be a perfect partner. Be clever and attentive! Do not be fooled by fake online profiles! For sure, you will find your perfect partner because now you know how to spot fake profiles on dating sites.


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!