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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Over Text

So, you are wondering how to tell a girl you like her through text. Is she hot? If yes, than you will find this article quite useful. But don’t waste your time on ugly girls – they are not worth the fuss. Here, I will teach you everything you need to know about texting. And, if you behave well, I will give you some secrets about sexting, too. Many guys ask how to hint that you like her over text and I share with you some secret knowledge about the art of appealing to a girl over texting. But we shouldn’t hurry – all in good time. Check out sweet things to say to your crush with your phone and I can guarantee you that you will find fine and sexy ladies desiring you!

Best ways to tell a girl you like her without being wimp

what to text a girl you like

1. Go soft and sweet

The very first thing that you need to remember is that all chicks love compliments. If you do not know what to text a girl you like, you have to start by telling them how fine, charming, elegant, and sexy they are – everything will work just fine. But do not start your conversation with a compliment – you do not want to look like a creep. The best strategy to use is to be casual. You do not need to look like you are desperate as chicks can feel that.

So, to tell a girl you like her over the text, you need to break the ice slowly. If you know your girl, you may discuss something in common like a party you both were at or a movie that she might enjoy. However, if that girl does not know how lucky she would be as your girlfriend, then you have to introduce yourself and explain how you got her number. And please, for the love of all the saints, Elon Musk, and Keanu Reeves, do not use any of the sleazy and cheap pick-up lines! No one would respond to a thousand-year-old “Girl, did you fall from heaven because you are an angel” crap. Just forget about that kind of staff. Be simple, delicate, and relaxed.

hint that you like her over text

2. OK, you got her attention – what to do next?

Well, my young friend, the next thing you need to do is to activate your charm. Imagine how easy it would be if all men had switches that allowed them to become charming whenever they wanted. You need to smooth your way in to your girl. It would be nice to learn something about your potential date – her taste in music, movies, interest, and hobbies, or anything else that you can grab and use for your advantage. To be honest, girls love when other people love what they love. You get it, right?

So, what are the sweet things to say to your crush? Just tell her that her music taste is exquisite or that you like her style. But remember that you don’t need to look like a stalker or a creep. Texting your girl that you like how she folded her laundry last Sunday would guarantee you becoming a blocked user. Compliments and small-talks revolving around her persona would fit just right.

3. Wanna get laid? Mind your language!

Girls like strong, decisive, and confident men. If you do not have any of those qualities, it is not a problem because we are talking about texting, and girl will never know how weak and indecisive you can really be behind the screen!

But all jokes aside, understand how to tell a girl you like her over text, you have to be confident and decisive. You need to make her understand that you like her face, body, personality, and everything that comes with the package. Do not play a guessing game with chicks – you will lose catastrophically. After wearing your future date with small talks and useless information and gaining her trust, you need to make a strike. Metaphorically, of course! When you established a connection and mastered the skills of complimenting, it is time to jump right into it! The simplest sweet thing to say to your crush can be “I like you”. It is brief, informative, and emotionless for you, but very powerful for girls. It is hella important to maintain the balance – you should look both vulnerable enough for you girl to believe you but be strong and manly enough to look like a real dude. So, basically, if you are wondering what to tell a girl you like, the answer is simple – just tell her that you like her. But remember that you need to lay the groundwork for your project “Netflix and chill.”

4. But what if there’s a ‘no’?

telling crush you like her

If you have completed all the steps that have been mentioned above, congratulations! The worst thing is in front of you! Yeah, the anticipation of a response can be devastating. Especially, when you see those bubbles appearing when your girl starts writing you a response. In reality, you should be ready for the following scenarios.

First, let’s assume that she feels the same about you. Well, that is awesome, don’t you think? But do not rush into it – you may ask her out for a casual dinner or something not too fancy.

The second option is that she would say that she is not ready for relationships right now. So, you can think that you have a chance. Not now, but in the distant future, you may have. But do not rely on such chance too much – I would rather suggest you seek another girl. You would not want to put on hold your epic sex life just to way for some chick that might be not even into you.

Still, the third scenario is that she tells you that she doesn’t like you. Yeah, that would probably suck, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

And the last option is that she just ignores you. The most important tip that I would give to you is that you do not need to haste your girl. If she hesitates, give her some time. Play a game of Call of Duty, watch an episode of the Office, or just hang out with your boys. If she hesitates, you will get your answer sooner or later.

Therefore, you now know what to text a girl you like. These are quite simple sweet things to say to your crush that would help anyone convey your feelings to your lady. The most important thing to remember is that you should never tell your girl that you like or even love her right away. What to tell a girl you like may be an important element, but it has to follow the research and preparation for such a bold move. Lay some grounds, smooth your way, and make everything to be casual and chill.


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!