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12 Best Free “Crossdresser” Dating Sites

Hey, you! Are you looking for a nice dating site for crossdressers? Well, take a look at these beauties – best dating websites for crossdressers that are free! I’ve got like 12 of them! Interested? Then check out this detailed and informative list that will help you find the finest and sexiest crossdressers in the entire world! Buckle up, as your dating experience will change forever!


Number of users: 30,000,000

Messaging other users: Non-free

Adultfriendfinder Crosdresser dating

We will start with one of the leaders in the world of online dating. This bad boy has millions of members around the planet and can help you get along with any of them for the quite appealing price – for only $0,00 you will gain access to all features of this website. Thousands of crossdresser singles are waiting for you. Why would you make them wait any longer? This crossdresser dating site allows you to use numerous communication tools, browse through an extensive database with crossdresser singles, and enjoy your time in the right company.


Number of users: 88,000,000

Messaging other users: Non-free

TSdates trans dating

Well, you may see that this is a dating website for transvestites, transgenders, and transsexuals. But it has a large community of crossdressers as well, so don’t close your tab. There’s plenty of people who dress up in things – surprise-surprise! Kinky guys are everywhere. You can create a profile looking for a dude, a chick, or a couple of people. So, the choice is yours. Here, you can definitely satisfy all your needs. And believe me, there are hundreds and even thousands of crossdresser singles here. Some of them may not know they are yet.

Date A Crossdresser

Number of users: 180, 000

Messaging other users: Non-Free

Dateacrossdresser dating site

If you are looking for a completely free dating site for crossdresser singles, I can help you. Take a look at this pearl – Date A Crossdresser is one of a kind dating site. Here, you can enjoy all the features without paying. Do whatever you want with thousands of active crossdressers from all over the world. The website is simple, so even your grandma would understand how everything works. But it would be quite gross if your grandma would be into that kind of stuff.

Crossdresser Dating Site

Number of users: 220,000

Messaging other users: Non-Free


Just look at this site – it can make you embrace your inner crossdresser to the fullest. Crossdresser Dating Site is one of the oldest dating websites that is tailored specifically for crossdressers. Regardless of your age, sexuality, gender, and preferences, you can be sure that you will find plenty of matches and hookups here. Free to join, this crossdresser website is sick for its communication tools and other benefits. If you are into some kinky stuff, I would highly recommend you check out live cam shows. But don’t tell anyone else, OK?

Club Crossdressing


Number of users: 160,000

Messaging other users: Free

Clubcrossdressing dating site

What makes crossdresser websites so good? Well, usually, you can say that a good crossdresser dating platform should have useful features, a wide range of members, interesting and unique communication options, and simple registration. So, one can say that is an excellent crossdresser meeting website because it has everything mentioned above. And it is also a free site!

Crossdresser Hookup

Number of users: 180,000

Messaging other users: Non-Free

crossdresserhookup dating site

If you want pure sex with crossdressers, you have come to the right place. Why spend hours on communication if you can have sex right here, right now? Thousands of crossdressers here want to satisfy their one need – and maybe you can help them, who knows. Or they can help you – the most important thing to remember is that everything can be achieved here, on Crossdresser Hookup. Registration is free, and the communication is simple and intuitive. Trust me, this website is easy (just as some users, but that’s hush-hush).

Meet A Crossdresser

Number of users: 220,000

Messaging other users: Non-Free

Meet a crossdresser dating site

Do you want to meet a crossdresser? If yes, then you can understand that this website kind of tells you where to do that. Yes, you can do it right here on Meet a Crossdresser – very useful name for this crossdresser dating site, don’t you think? This is believed to be one of the most entertaining and cool dating sites for crossdresser singles. You will find everything you need to know here – useful information, thousands of members, great communication features, you name it.


Number of users: 7,865,283

Messaging other users: Free

Fetlife dating site

Although this website is not tailored specifically for crossdressers, you may find plenty of them here. This dating site is open for all sexualities, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. To become a member of this site, you do not have to pay. What to have more? Alright – you can browse for profiles and communicate with matching members for free as well? What? Are you not satisfied? Well then, this is my last offer – just for $5 a month, you can gain access to an unlimited amount of amateur adult videos. Who the hell does not love amateur adult videos?!

Messaging other users: Free

MeetCrossdresser dating site

Wait, haven’t we just covered meet a crossdresser? Or, this is a different website. Yet it has a very self-explanatory name, which is always a good thing. As you may realize, this is a place for crossdresser meeting. If you are into some kinky stuff – you will find people who will share your interests. If you are looking for something casual – there are tons of members here who want short-term and simple relationships. Find friends, communicate, and enjoy your experience on this site.


Number of users: 2,100,000

Messaging other users: Non-free

Frindfinderx crossdresser dating

Let’s take a look at another example of wonderful crossdresser websites. Here, you will find a very supportive and friendly community. To be honest, online dating is not just about sex. All of us need a friend, wouldn’t you agree? Well, here you can find one. I personally love this site because you can make pretty good friends or find a one-night stand that would blow your mind! Crossdressers from all over the world enjoy this dating site for many reasons. It grants you great opportunities to communicate and interact with other crossdressers.


Number of users: 700,000

Messaging other users: Free

Tsmeet crossdresser dating

Have you never heard about this website? Well, I don’t know how you call yourself a crossdresser lover in that case. All right, let me tell you about this place. First of all, you can find many trans people here as well as crossdresser singles. Secondly, this place is magnificent for no-strings-attached sexual relationships and more serious and long-term relationships. There are many free options provided for you, so you can check them out before paying for the services. So TSmeet may not be the first option for a crossdresser, but it is definitely one of the best sites for crossdresser meeting.


Messaging other users: Free

Xdresser dating site

This is a great example of crossdresser dating experience. xDressr allows you to spend some quality time on a dating site without prejudice, discrimination, or pressure from society. Embrace your needs, preferences, and demands here. Show the whole world how good of a crossdresser you are. One of the benefits of choosing this site is the fact that you can use it on your phone – the site has its own mobile app.


I am 30 and I am Single. I am writing the truth about online dating based on my personal experience. Hope you'll have fun!